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My programs provide a deeper inside look for creating a new vision and direction in your life. These programs below are only a sampling of my services as all sessions are designed and personalized for you.

Programs are tailored to create a consistent connection and the art of practicing as you continue to clarify your visions, with clear intentions of what you desire to change and where you want to go within the transformation.

Clarity Call - Complimentary
First Session – 2 hours
Weekly Check-ins
Includes an audio recording
2 - Additional Meet-ups (1 hour each) to check progress, revise and renew

Dancing With Myself

Although we think of this analogy as an external movement, here it represents a personal dance to an inner drum, an inner knowing that you move in confidence, with strong self belief and self worth that are available all the time. Limiting beliefs often waiver the dance and squelch the natural flow of releasing the inner warrior to shine. This session brings you back to your natural flow of the inner self and living on purpose. It is possible to embrace and empower the connection of both.

Releasing Stress and Anxiety

Stress, anxiety and overwhelming thoughts can stop us in our tracks, stall desired actions and cause an inability to think constructively. When we investigate where, how, why and when those long held limiting beliefs took over we can release, let go and create what truly is asking for attention to our wholeness.

Rediscover Balance

Feeling thrown off your game and struggling to get everything done may cause stress, anxiety, frustration and a feeling of not being fulfilled in life. When we focus on one area of our life, some part will not get the attention it deserves. Nourishing all elements of our essence including play, work, relationships and health require finding the balance to bring them all together. When there is balance within the essentials, where all parts are getting a desired attention, we are able to realize an even bigger connection to all things that matter in mind, body and soul.

Lighten Up

We all need food yet what we are feeding our bodies is often related to our experiences of gathering together and eating with friends or family. Similarly, immersed in those memories is how we developed healthy and unhealthy eating habits. Investigating healthy or unhealthy habits gives us insight for recreating a new relationship with food. Dropping unwanted weight or establishing healthier eating habits includes making changes to familiar patterns of what food really represents and how we can implement a new plan.

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